Queensland Coast Program


Queensland Coast Program  for the 2019 Go North – Sail 2 Indonesia Yacht Rally.

The Australian East Coast is an Awesome stretch of coastline to cruise. The Go North team are currently putting together a great program for next year.

Many insurance companies are stipulating that cruising yachts are to be below 26° S   during the Queensland cyclone season (November 1st to the April 30th)

Assuming a departure date of May 1st (being the official end of cyclone season) from say Bundaberg with the view to arrive at the option 1 rally departure point being Thursday Island (TI) in the Torres Strait you will cover just over 1000 nm.

Covering this ground in 7 weeks is not a great challenge however it would certainly be a rush if you were to try and get as far as say Darwin, which is nearly double the distance, in the same period of time.

By choosing the Go North Sail 2 Indonesia rally you will be able to experience the magnificent cruising grounds of the Queensland coast at a more leisurely pace as opposed to having to be continually on the move in order to get to Darwin.

Add to that some great events and the Rally Great Deals we are offering and you would likely agree that the Go North Sail 2 Indonesia rally is the logical choice.

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