About the Rally

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Rally Registrations for the
2020 Multihull Solutions
Multihull Solutions – SAIL 2 INDONESIA Rally 

Will be opening soon. Those that have already filled out an EOI will be the first to receive their Registration Pack. For those that would like to join the 2020 event please fill out an EOI by clicking the link below.

To lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the rally click HERE

The Multihull Solutions – Sail 2 Indonesia Rally is all about choice!

You choose which rally option suits you:

  • Option1Cruise in Company. The Whole Nine yards!
  • Option 2Go your own way but let us handle the paperwork!
  • Option 3The Combo – A combination of the two to best suit you!

See below for full explanation of rally options.

About the Rally.

 During the months leading up to the start of the Multihull Solutions – Sail 2 Indonesia Rally, registered participants will be provided, via email, a wide range of information regarding preparations of your vessel, crew, and arrangements for your forthcoming blue water voyage to Indonesia.

These info packs are jam packed full of information necessary for the smooth running of the event as well as info that some of the more experienced skippers may have already seen but many of the first timer’s may not have. We ask all participants to review this information with care.

The rally is open to all vessels, power or sail, monohull or multihull from 9m to 25m departing from the Southwest Pacific, Australia or PNG.

 All vessels participating in the rally are required to meet the safety protocols noted in the “Terms and Conditions” Rally terms and conditions can be viewed at: www.sail2indonesia.com/rally-terms-conditions

Departure Location:

 Option 1 – Cruise the Queensland Coast and clear from Thursday Island (TI) in the Torres Strait.

Many insurance companies are stipulating that cruising yachts are to be below 26° degrees south during the Queensland cyclone season (November 1st to the April 30th)

Assuming a departure date of May 1st (being the official end of cyclone season) from say Bundaberg with the view to arrive at the option 1 rally departure point being Thursday Island (TI) in the Torres Strait you will cover just over 1000 nm.

Covering this ground in 7 weeks is not a great challenge however it would certainly be a rush if you were to try and get as far as Darwin, which is nearly double the distance, in the same period of time.

By choosing the Multihull Solutions Sail 2 Indonesia rally you will be able to experience the magnificent cruising grounds of the Queensland coast at a more leisurely pace as opposed to having to be continually on the move in order to get to Darwin.

Add to that some great events and the Rally Rewards we are offering and you would likely agree that the Multihull Solutions Sail 2 Indonesia rally is the logical choice.

Option 2.Clear out from any SW Pacific port and sail straight to your choice of entry point in Indonesia

 For those who are not travelling into Indonesia from Australia option 2 provides the opportunity to clear out from any SW Pacific port such as Noumea, New Caledonia or Luganville, Vanuatu and head straight to your entry port in Indonesia or maybe even visit Papua New Guinea on the way and Depart from the Royal Papua Yacht Club in Port Moresby.

Departure Date:

The confirmed rally departure dates, skippers should plan for a rally start from TI 6th – 8th July) with clearance at Debut in the Kai Islands Indonesia on the 15th July.

It is skipper’s responsibility to plan their passage to arrive at their port of entry into Indonesia within the clearance timeframe.

 Arrival Ports and Rally Options

The main arrival port into Indonesia is at Debut in the Kai Islands.

Option1Cruise in Company

The Full, all singing, all dancing, fixed Itinerary, lots of festivals, great fun cruise in company.

  • Your place of arrival is Debut. Our Indonesian partners will meet and greet you in the Kai islands – Malaka Regency for the start of what will be a three and a half month experience of a lifetime on the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Festival Program. This festival program is run and administered by the Indonesian MoT Festival team and is an extension too, but independent from the Multihull Solutions – Sail to Indonesia Rally.

Option 2Go your own way

A free, independent cruise with all the support, some route suggestions with some of the top spots noted and a number of independent events along the way. The itinerary up to you with the entry point at Dedut in the Kai Islands. But remember Indonesia has over 17,000 islands, more than can be seen in just one season.

Option 3The Combo:

Combine option 1 & 2. As a rally participant if your first choice was option 2 or 3 you are welcomed to join any of the Indonesian MoT arranged events noted in option 1 and if option 1 was your choice and you want a break or you’ve found that perfect spot, slow down for a while and re-join later. You can even rejoin the MoT’s Festival Events again the following year.

Rally Packs:

Your Rally Packs contain all the information you’ll need for cruising the Far North Queensland Coast, Departure from TI (Thursday Island), For those departing from Darwin;- Departure Info From Darwin and your arrival in Wonderful Indonesia.

Australian based participants in the Multihull Solutions – Sail 2 Indonesia 2020  Rally will be able to collect their Rally Packs at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron from the beginning of June. This is to allow for the departure from the Torres Straits at the pace that suits you and provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the magical Queensland coastline to the fullest on your way north. To further facilitate your choices the Rally Pre-departure Briefing will be conducted online for the first time for the 2020 rally.

Vessels Departing from Darwin will be able to collect their Rally Packs from TBA and those departing from Port Moresby can collect their Rally Packs from the Royal Papua yacht Club.

Rally Entry Fee & Benefits:

Rally fees for 2020 have now been set AUD$750.00

The rally entry fee includes:

  • All Participants are eligible for Special Deals. From respected industry providers.
  • Advice, individual & group support before, during and after the rally by Sail 2 Indonesia Rally organisers.
  • Rally information packs and briefing papers
  • Documentation required to obtain outward clearance from Australian Border Force for those departing Australia.
  • Full Service inward clearance on arrival in Indonesia at a rally specific location, during specified dates for each vessel and two persons.
  • Passage planning advise.
  • 1 Rally satchel
  • 1 x Multihull Solutions Sail 2 Indonesia Rally Flag (extras for souvenirs available by order)
  • Gala dinners hosted by Local Government at destinations. (Indonesia MoT Festival Program).
  • The opportunity to voyage and cruise in company with other vessels.
  • Optional PredictWind fleet tracker allowing tracking of your vessel and the rally fleet for you, your friends & your family. The tracker is also a great tool while on passage. Link PredictWind offshore app to an Iridium Go and get tracking overlaid on the weather as an option to also upload/download text posts. This was used to great effect for those that encountered fishing nets in the 2019 rally.
  • An invite for 2 persons to attend our “Get to know your Iridium GO” & PredictWind Offshore App Webminar.
  • Access to “C&OC” Cruise With Confidence, Offshore Cruising Preparation Webinars.

Participants will also be eligible for Rally Rewards!

Sail 2 Indonesia rally participants are eligible to take advantage of the many great benefits and offers from the “C&OC” partner businesses.

  • Discounts on Marina fees 
  • $400 discount on any Rainman Watermakers system.
  • 20% rebate on Standard or Professional PredictWind 1 year Subscription
  • 20% Discount on Cruising GuideTo Indonesia.
  • Great deals on all your Curtesy Flag requirements.
  • Competitive pricing on Blue water vessel Insurance.
  • Competitive pricing on travel insurance, specifically tailored for owners and crews on cruising yachts.
  • Discounted rates on Great Circle Liferafts and Safety gear.



In order to cruise offshore and visit Indonesia or any other country for that matter your vessel must be AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL REGISTERED.

Australian Registration is different to your state registration.

If your vessel is not Australian registered Australian Border Force will not grant you a clearance to depart Australia. Without this clearance your vessel will not be permitted to enter a foreign country.

The process of getting your vessel registered on the Australian register of ships can take several weeks to complete, so we suggest that if your vessel is not yet Australian registered that you begin the process immediately.

For more info about Australian Registration for your vessel and how to apply please see the attached copy of the info provided on the AMSA website or visit:


Upcoming events:

  • Info Webinars –  Register your Interest-  Click HERE


  • Offshore Cruising Preparation Webinars:- Register your Interest-  Click HERE

Many of those who are interested in joining the Multihull Solutions Sail 2 Indonesia Rally are a bit nervous as for most, it will be their first blue water voyage.

The C&OC in association with Sail South Pacific will be offering Offshore Cruising Preparation Webinars, which are designed to provide you with the skills and the confidence to help make your first offshore passage a less daunting prospect.

If you are interested in attending this courses please complete an EoI,  information and dates will be advised as they’re confirmed:

Ways to keep informed between now and when the rally opens for registrations:

  • Facebook Page

If you are a Facebook user, we have a FB Page called Sail2Indonesia where we post all sorts of info with a focus on posts related to sailing in SE Asia and Indonesia. To visit and like our page go to: www.facebook.com/sail2indonesia

  • Facebook Group

The Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally Group is for participants and anyone who is interested in joining the rally to Indonesia. We regularly post articles and videos that we think will be of interest to the group members. Members can also post comments, questions, suggestions or just share posts and updates about their cruising plans. If you would like to join the group click on the following link:


You might like to watch the video The Alpha Odyssey made about the 2017 Sail 2 Indonesia – 90 Days In Wonderful Indonesia.


To lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) in the rally click HERE

For questions or queries please email rallyadmin@sail2indonesia.com