Provisioning & Bunkering

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  • Available Saumlaki, Alor, Lembata, Larantuka, Maumere, Nagekeo, Riung, Labuan Bajo, Medana Bay, Lovina Bay, Jepara, Kumai, Belitung, Tanjung Jabung, Singkep, Daik on Lingga Island, Tanjung Pinang.
  • Will likely be in drums. Local service stations have the cleanest fuel because of  their higher turnover but can be some distance from anchorage.
  • Check fuel before putting in tank for water & contaminates
  • Marina Del Ray, Lombok has a fuel barge


  • Lombok
  • Available at Bali & Kumai



  • Fresh fruit & veges from the local markets. Go early and wash all produce in antibacterial or a mild bleach solution
  • Soft drinks
  • Clean drinking water in blue sealed bottles
  • White flour
  • Peanuts & cashew nuts
  • A limit range of cereal
  •  Dried beans & lentils
  • Herbs & spices
  • Canned tuna
  • Fresh eggs. Carry your own plastic egg container for getting them back to the boat unbroken

Difficult to get

  • Good quality toilet paper, paper towels
  • Personal products – brands available at home
  • Good insect repellent
  • Butter & Yogurt (Only found in some areas)
  • Cheese
  • Fresh or long life milk. Milk powder is available – packages with adults on are less likely to be sweetened
  • Specialty flours ie wholemeal, bread mixes
  • Dried herbs. Carry plenty of bay leaves to assist with counteracting weevils.
  • Canned veges especially tomatoes, corn, beetroot
  • Canned fruit except pineapple & lychees
  • Chocolate
  • Good quality meat. Some major supermarkets in the big towns stock meat but is often expensive.
  • Wines and Spirits are hard to find. Local beer is available in some places.
  • Boat parts


  • Have plenty of good insect repellent
  • Cover up. Wear light clothing that covers shoulders & knees. Remember Indonesia is mainly Muslim
  • Carry anti -malarial treatments and test kits
  • Ensure that your inoculations are up to date especially tetanus
  • Treat scratches & wounds seriously. Clean, treat and cover.
  • It is also recommended that you are vaccinated against tetanus, hepatitis A & B, polio, typhoid & rabies. Japanese Encephalitis does crop up in some areas and can also be inoculated against.
  • Wash all fruit and vegetables in an anti bacterial solution or a mild bleach solution


  • Kids: caps; balls ie tennis, soccer, volleyball, etc; pencils; lollies, lollipops
  • Adults: sunglasses;goggles/dive masks; hats; English/Indonesian dictionairies; tarps; Rope
  • Schools: Pencils, Paper, Exercise books, stickers, marker pens
  • Have some gifts for people such as regent or representative of districts. These can be tasteful souvenirs of your country.

Have a ships stamp. Indonesian Officials love stamps

Bargain for things that don’t have a price. It can be lots of fun