Visa Procedure – Indonesia

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There are three types of visa for people entering Indonesia. For the purposes of crew arriving in Indonesia on boats the ONLY suitable visa is a “Social Visa”.

Before leaving Cairns in July for the Torres Straits and Debut Indonesia, Sail 2 Indonesia’s Port of Entry, Captains and crew must each obtain a Social Visa (Visa Kunjungan Sosial Budaya (SosBud) ) All documentation and Sponsors Letters are distributed to each boat,  via email. Participants can then fill out and submit, along with their passports the Social Visa applications. Your Social Visa MUST be used within three months meaning your earliest date for application is the 23rd of April. Consular staff will then process the visas. The Visa fee is AUD$60 .

On arrival in Indonesia this visa is valid for 60 days and then can be extended for periods of 30 days, up to 4 times giving a max of 180 days. The cost of a visa renewal is approximately Rp250 000 (AUD$25) per person, and will be handled by a Rally Control representatives in Indonesia.

  • An application form must be completed in duplicate with two passport sized photographs for each crew member on the boat
  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after date of entry into Indonesia
  • A copy of your CAIT. (Sail2Indonesia will supply you with your CAIT documentation)
  • A copy of sponsor/ invitation letter for the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally from our Indonesian Partners
  • Visa fee of A$60 per application, made payable by money order. (Cash, personal cheque or Credit Card are not accepted.)
  • For those who wish to apply to the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra using postal mail, please send all of the required documents, including passport and return-paid envelope with completed return address (registered post or express post).

Adding ‘last-minute’ crew? Please Don’t! It is best to ensure ALL crew are on the initial documentation  application as your detail will need to be amended and reissued prior to applying for a visa for the additional crew. Application for this must be done through Sail 2 Indonesia and there is a $50 fee for the documentation amendment and Sponsor letter.