Rally Terms and Conditions

Revised 05 December 2023 – For a legacy copy please email rallyadmin@sail2indonesia.com

Your Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia rally experience starts on submission of your registration.

All participants in the Sail 2 Indonesia event must conform to these Terms and Conditions

Safety Notes are a guide and by accepting the terms and conditions on any entry or Expression of interest form the skipper of the vessel is declaring that his vessel meets the requirements and that he, his crew and the vessel are fit for purpose.

No inspections will be carried out unless the organisers feel a Skipper /vessel has failed in the this regards.

The definition of “Rally” for the purpose of this form. A place where participating yachts will Rally or Muster for the purpose of planned events. The organisers provide logistical support, local knowledge, assistance with the Indonesian Vessel Declaration application and Visa process, briefings and seminars, facilitate events at the planned rally points in QLD Australia and at the Torres Straits plus Debut in Indonesia. At Tual in Indonesia the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally ends and the Ministry of Tourisms Wonderful Indonesia Festival Events program begins.

The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism puts in place, manages and co-ordinates all festival events in Indonesia. The MoT plan these festivals as shore events, the suitability of the anchorage is entirely up to the skipper of the vessel. How a skipper chooses to proceed from a rally point to another rally point or festival event is entirely his/her responsibility. For those cruising on their own timetable the same applies, the skipper at all times is the one responsible for the boat and crew.

Weather Routing-  It is the sole responsibility of the skipper whether to depart or continue with an ocean passage.

It is the yacht owner’s responsibility to ensure that the skipper and crew have the level of experience and competency necessary to ensure at all times the safety of the vessel and the people onboard. The responsibility for any damage that might occur to persons and property, both on shore and at sea, as a consequence of participating in any way in this event is that of the skipper/owner and/or the person concerned onboard the vessel.

The decision to start or continue to participate in this, or any 3Sixty Marine Ltd. event, shall be the sole responsibility of the skipper/owner concerned. As Skipper I hereby state that I have read the aforementioned and accordingly accept total responsibility for the safety of my vessel and crew and for all matters concerning my vessel and crew at sea.

I, the skipper/owner, agree to be bound by the safety regulations, entry conditions and to indemnify Sail 2 Indonesia, its organizers, its sponsors and all associated organizations and yacht clubs from any responsibility in regard to myself, my crew and vessel during the course of any event. I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this entry form is correct, my vessel is well found and both vessel, skipper and crew are up to the task.

Unless a participant in any rally or event specifically declines in writing, prior to the event. He or she hereby consents to grant the organisers full use of any images, blogs, testimonials, articles etc. both during the event and in the future.

No participant or crew of any participating vessel shall bring Sail 2 Indonesia, it’s sponsors or associated Yacht Clubs into disrepute by any action, comment, blog, article, image or posting in any way, shape or form either during or after any event or rally.

Where a deposit is taken for any special event outside the published program, it may be refunded in part or in full, at the organizers discretion, up to one month prior to the event at which stage all remaining monies become due and no refunds will be considered. Where additional costs are borne by participant, for example cost for transport etc for officials for out of port clearances, visas, agents fees, etc. the participant is liable for these costs unless the organizers are notified of cancellation more than one month prior to the commencement of the rally.

These conditions of entry may be superseded at any time by additional requirements stipulated by the Marine Transport Act. and/or the NZ Maritime Safety Authority.

Rally Start Date

The Rally start date is deemed to be the date when formal Registration for the rally is announced, for the 2024 Sail 2 Indonesia Rally this date is the 10th of December 2023. From this time only registered participants will receive access to the S2I Rally App and other rally related resources, IP and be included in pre-departure webinars, briefings, popup events, etc. for the rally. At this point payment of the Rally Deposit of USD$400 is due and is NON REFUNDABLE.

The remainder of the rally fee, USD$450 is due on issue of the Indonesian Documentation for you to complete and return to Rally Admin, April/May 2024. Documents will not be submitted to the Indonesian Agent until full payment is received and cleared. Once the documents are submitted to the Indonesian Agent for processing the fee is NON REFUNDABLE

Amendment to Documents – Once the Indonesian Documents are submitted to the Indonesian Agent any changes will incur an administration fee of USD$195

The organisers reserve the right to amend the program and move dates at their sole discretion.


The Sail 2 Indonesia Rally is open to sailing monohulled and multihulled vessels motor launches mono and multi hulled with a minimum LOA of 30 ft (9 m). The maximum LOA of multihulls is 60 ft (18.29 m) and 80 ft (25.0m) for mono hulled yachts and launches. All measurements are based on the length on deck and do not include bowsprits, pulpits, self-steering gears or externally hung rudders.

At the discretion of the organisers, vessels that do not fit the above description may join the rally if it is considered that their participation would contribute to the objectives of the event or that it would be beneficial for practical considerations.

The entries must be well-found cruising boats fitted with permanent accommodation, navigation station, galley and toilet facilities. They must carry all necessary navigational equipment for offshore sailing as well as the safety equipment stipulated in the safety regulations. No Safety Inspections are carried out by the rally organizers, the safety of the vessel, skipper and crew is the sole responsibility of the Skipper. By submitting the entry form the skipper is declaring his boat, himself and his crew meet the requirement herein.


All vessels must carry a minimum of Third Party ($10Million AUD or equivalent) insurance cover and must remain in force for the duration of the rally.

It is also strongly recommended that participants obtain Yachtsman’s Travel Cover AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION. (See Rally Benefits for our recommended provider.)

Safety Notes-

Safety Equipment – By agreeing to the terms and conditions on the rally entry, skippers certify they have read and understand these safety requirements and declare their vessels  comply. The rally organizer reserves the right to inspect any vessels and cancel the participants rally entry  if the vessel is deemed to be unsuitable. No refund of rally fees will be refunded in this instance.

Each vessel should be equipped with the following equipment:

•  A purpose made liferaft or liferafts of sufficient places to accommodate all members of the crew. The liferaft or liferafts must be to SOLAS standard  and have an automatically inflating canopy. In an emergency, the stowage of the raft(s) must allow it (them) to be launched within 2 minutes. The raft(s) must have  a valid certificate for the duration of the rally.

•  Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. A floating SOLAS approved satellite EPIRB transmitting on 406MHz, registered with the national maritime authority of the vessel.

•  AIS receiver. A Class B transponder is now mandatory for any Vessel sailing in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

•  Hand-held VHF radio transceiver with waterproof cover.

•  Radar reflector displayed in a position at least 5 m (15 ft) above deck level throughout the rally.

•  All  equipment should:-  Function properly-  Be easily accessible-  Be of a type, size and capacity suitable and adequate for the intended use and size of the vessel.

•  It is the responsibility of each captain to ensure after the start of the rally the regular servicing of safety equipment which requires such service.

Each captain must ensure that all necessary safety precautions are taken in respect of his or her vessel and crew.

•  All heavy items, such as batteries, gas containers, tool boxes and cookers must be firmly secured against possible knockdown or capsize.

•  The companionway washboards shall be capable of being secured in position, both from outside and inside.

•  Vessels are expected to carry at least the following safety and emergency equipment:

–  Securely fitted lifelines –  Securely fitted jackstays –  Buckets (at least four) of stout construction and fitted with lanyards; capacity to be at least 2 gallons (9 litres)

–  Hacksaw and spare blades, bolt croppers or suitable method for cutting away the rigging in an emergency

–  Fire extinguishers (at least four)

–  Fire blanket secured near the galley

–  Manual bilge pump that can be operated from the cockpit

–  Navigation lights that comply with the International Regulations for Preventing Collision at Sea. Two independent sets of navigation lights are required, both a set of bow and stern lights, and masthead tricolour navigation lights. Spare bulbs for all lights

–  Emergency tiller capable of being fitted and secured to the rudderstock, or an alternative steering arrangement

–  Harnesses and life jackets for each crew member

–  Set of in date flares, as stipulated by SOLAS, stowed in a watertight container, with a minimum of: 6 red parachute flares – 4 red hand flares – 4 white hand flares – 2 orange smoke signals

– One lifebuoy, or man overboard device, equipped with a whistle, drogue, a self igniting light and a pole and flag

– At least one lifebuoy with the vessel’s name on it and fitted with marine grade reflective material

–  Tender with oars or paddles

–  Either a functioning SSB or Sat Phone plus 1 x hand held VHF radio

– Set of emergency wooden plugs to enable the closing of any through hull fittings

–  A suitably equipped emergency container if the vessel is abandoned. This must be a waterproof container capable of floating when full and be stowed near the companionway. It is recommended that on passage, the passports of the crew and ship’s papers are stowed in this container-  First aid kit and manual-  Foghorn-  The name of the vessel must appear on the liferaft, lifebuoys, emergency container and all lifejackets.

•  Water supply. A minimum amount of drinking water shall be carried on each vessel. The owners of boats equipped with water makers should ensure that they carry an adequate reserve of water at all times.

•  These safety requirements do not override or exclude any specific safety requirement stipulated by the authorities of the vessel’s country of registry.

 I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given on the entry form is correct, my vessel is well found and both vessel, skipper and crew are up to the task.

S2I, Sail 2 Indonesia, Sail 2 Indonesia Rally and C&OC Intl are trading names of 3sixty Marine Ltd. A New Zealand Registered company. For the purposes of litigation the statutory authority is New Zealand.