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Join us on the  Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally,  and discover all the best of Indonesian culture and history, fun events and interaction at a grass roots level. At many of the festival program destinations you will also enjoy activities hosted by the local people.

The  Festival Program is an Indonesian Ministry of Tourism initiated program and is constantly evolving with new events added from time to time.

The MoT are currently refining the details for this years Festival Event Program, see the Preliminary Event Schedule below. To keep up to date with information as it’s confirmed by Expressing your Interest by filling out the EOI form, simply click HERE

The Festival Event Program is organised and run exclusively but the Ministry of Tourism and their representatives.

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Preliminary Program for the 2024 Event Schedule.


AUSTRALIA May, June – Cruise the Queensland Coast  –  mid July Departure from TI (dates still to be confirmed)

CAIRNS – First week in June there will be some Rally events and get togethers. Boats can then head for the departure at the Torres Straits at the pace that suits them, and enjoy the beauty of this magical coastline to the fullest.

TI MUSTER – After enjoying the Far Nth Qld coast participants will muster in the Torres St at Thursday / Horne Islands during the week before recommended departure dates. There will be a get together at Wongai Beach Hotel – Adjacent Horne Island Anchorage, during this week.

DARWIN: Boats can opt to leave from Darwin and are asked to be in Darwin during the week before the recommended departure date.

CLEARANCE – Clearing out of Australia can be completed on a day that suits for arrival in Debut over the Rally clearance dates. Distance to Debut approx 700nm . Skippers should chose their departure date based on passage speed for their vessel and the weather conditions at the time.

Your hosts Cairns are the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron


Can travel direct to Debut from any departure point

Rally Clearance in Indonesia

The Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally finishes at Debut with an organised clearance and festival event. Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally boats have automatic entry to the Wonderful Indonesia Events Schedule through Indonesia ( schedule to be confirmed for 2024). Participants are free to partake of all or some of these events or to cruise Indonesia on their own.

Recommended Guides:

Cruising Guide To Indonesia:A Pilot Guide To Indonesian Waters by Andy Scott

101 Anchorages within the Indonesian Archipelago by Geoff Wilson

South East Asia Cruising Guide Vol II by Stephen Davies & Elaine Morgan

Southeast Asia Pilot by Andy Dowden & Bill O’Leary

At many of the destinations there will be activities hosted and run by the Local Regencies.

The Route Information Below represents the 2018  Route and will be modified upon confirmation from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism.

Debut (Sth East Molluca)

The Kei Islands (sometimes spelt Kai) are situated on the edge of the Banda Sea, and is the beginning of The Spice Islands. The group is made up of several islands and are sparsely populated. The area is known for their white-sand beaches and deeply hospitable people. The largest island in the group is Kai Besar which is densely forested and mountainous.The kei group are mainly Christian, but Tual has a mainly muslim population. Local history maintains that Kei islanders originally came from Bali. As part of the Majapahit Kingdom expansion. Kei culture is fascinating mix of religion and traditional beliefs. Local craftsmen are known for their skilful basketry, wood carving & boatbuilding.

Soil is poor and the locals use slash & burn agricultural practises, with rice, plantains, yams, maize & tobacco being grown. Spice production has reduced since the days of The Dutch east India Company. Cultured pearls are harvested at Kai Kecil. Fig, ironwood trees, palms and mangroves are common throughout the group. Numerous turtles are found on the reefs, and cuscus (a small, pouched mammel) as well as wild pigs inhabit the area.

Tual is the capital of the province and is situated on the island of Kai Kecil which is uplifted coral reef. There are fresh markets and good seafood restaurants in town. The airport is a 40 minute drive from the harbour which is serviced daily by flights from Ambon. The anchorage is a natural harbour and well protected, with a well marked channel. The holding is good. Take care if approaching through the narrows to the north.

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