What does the Rally Entry Fee Include?

What do you get when you join the Sail 2 Indonesia rally?

Included in the rally entry fee is:

  • All the help & resources you need to Cruise to and an automatic invite to participate in the Events Schedule through Wonderful Indonesia. Cruise in company and experience the history, culture and people of this wonderful archipelago.

  • We’ll lead you through all the documentation required by Indonesian Authorities for entry and cruising in Indonesia, the Visa process and access to our Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia App, full of information will ensure you are fully prepared and informed to get the most out of this experience.

  • Advice & support before, during and after the rally by Rally Admin & our Indonesian Rally Partners.    email;- rallyadmin@sail2indonesia.com

  • Documentation required to obtain outward clearance from the Australian Border Force at Thursday Island (TI), Far North Queensland with an expedited clearance arranged for rally vessels. All relevant details for all vessels are also forwarded to SAR, AMSA and NZRCC.

  • Full Service inward clearance on arrival in Indonesia (Q,C,I, H) at Debut in the Kai Islands. Debut is not the regular port of clearance for the Kai Islands, instead you’ll arrive to a beautiful anchorage on the leeward side of the island. (Vessels must arrive during the specified clearance period.)

  • All Indonesian Agents Fees for processing Vessel Declarations and Clearance Sponsor Letters etc. are included in the rally fee.

  • 60 day Indonesia Visa extension ( so only one extension required) – including Agents fees for application and processing for one extension. (Does not include government fees or agent out of pocket expenses). Conditions Apply.

  • Passage planning and passage management advise for departure from TI & the passage to Indonesia.

  • Fleet weather routing from TI or Darwin to the entry point in Indonesia.
  • For those departing from other ports, Passage Planning and support is also provided and for those departing from PNG, the Royal Papua Yacht Club is on hand to assist.

  • Departure from Darwin has been added as an option to the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally for 2024 with passage planning and support provided. With this option vessels departing from Darwin can now get access to the Ministry of Tourism Festival events program.

  • Fleet Tracking by PredictWind.

  • Free access to a series of Webinars on a variety of topics.

    • Communications: WhatsApp, email, Iridium Go & Fleet Tracking, Starlink
    • Preparing the Boat and Crew. Preparation 101.
    • Systems Aboard
    • An Introduction to PredictWind. Fleet Tracking Setup, troubleshooting Iridium Go & Iridium Exec setup & Downloading Weather, getting the info you need.
    • Q & A Sessions
    • Rally Departure Briefing.
    • Plus much more
  • An Invitation to the  “Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron – Meet the Crew Party” and Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht Association – Meet the Crew Get together. Event subsidised by Rally Admin.

  • An Invitation to the “Farewell and Departure Party” at TI.

  • Exclusive offers from respected Industry Providers.
  • 1 x Certificate of Participation
  • 2 x Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally Flag (extras  available on request)

  • 1 x Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia document satchel.

 Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally App includes:

  1. Introduction
  2. Guide to Preparing the Vessel and Crew plus The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism schedule of Events Schedule.
  3. Rally Exclusive offers from our rally partners, marinas and clubs.
  4. Documentation completed for Indonesian Vessel Declaration & Entry Permits.
  5. Merchandising, Cruising guides, Flags
  6. Guidance for Visa Application.
  7. Australian Outward Clearance Documents. Clearing Australia  Pdf. Thursday Island Info.
  8. S2I Cruising Guides Charts & Flags guide.pdf
  9. Information relevant to Cruising Indonesia
  10. Plus much more….

Rally Partners and Special Deals

  • Discounts on marina berthing at Marlin Marina- Cairns

  • Discounts on Liferafts, EPIRBS, Personal Beacons and safety equipment.

  • Competitive pricing on Travel Insurance tailored specifically for owners and crews of cruising yachts.

  • Discounts on navigation charts, courtesy flags and more.

  • 20% rebate on Upgrading to Standard or Professional with PredictWind

  • 20% Discount on cruising guides for Indonesia and Beyond.                      And More ……..