2023 – Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally – Is GO!

Indonesia is GO for the 2023 Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Rally. 

Formal Registration – If you’ve already submitted an Expression of Interest for the 2023 rally you’ll be first to be invited to formally register. Numbers are limited for this years event so get in quickly.

To register your interest for the 2023 Sail 2 Indonesia Rally click HERE

Fleet Tracking by PredictWind.  – The world leader in forecasting and routing is now offering Fleet Tracking, ideal for the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally. We’ve set up a Wonderful Sail 2 Indonesia Group Page for 2023. Participants will be able to view this while on passage on their “Offshore App” from PredictWind. They’ll be able to update their position, post a blog entry, see all the other participants positions and read and reply to their blog post. Participants will be able to share their page with friends and family so they too can keep up with the play.

“Preparation and Planning Webinar Series”.

If the Fleet Tracker sounds beyond you, don’t worry, we’ve got that covered.

Thanks to our partners, C&OC (Coastal and Offshore Cruising) we’ll be hosting a series of “Information Webinars” that are free for all participants. The platform we’re using to present these makes it sooo easy, everyone will be able to participate regardless of their internet/ computer skills.

Webinar 1

An Introduction to the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally, how it all works. Plus to give participants plenty of time for preparation we’ll talk through how we communicate on the rally covering, WhatsApp, email, Iridium Go & Fleet Tracking and the Sail 2 Indonesia Rally Mobile App.

Webinar 2 

If this is your first time offshore, this webinar is a must! Preparing the Boat and Crew – Preparation 101. Even the old hands may get some benefit from attending!

Webinar 3 

Systems Aboard – An Introduction to PredictWind. Fleet Tracking Setup, troubleshooting Iridium Go setup & Downloading Weather, getting the info you need.

Webinar 4

Tips and Tricks for enjoying Indonesia

Webinar 5

The Rally Technical Briefing.

If you’re a potential future participant, get in touch and we’ll let you know how you can take part. email rallyadmin@sail2indonesia.com

Rally Partners and Exclusive Deals –  We’re adding to these as we move forward but here’s whats in place now.

Discounts on marina berthing at Marlin Marina- Cairns

Discounts on Liferafts, EPIRBS, Personal Beacons and safety equipment.

Competitive pricing on Baileys Travel Insurance tailored specifically for owners and crews of cruising yachts. Add to that World wide Marine Insurance for your boat. We’ve been using Baileys Insurance since the mid 1980’s and highly recommend them.

Discounts on electronics and equipment including: AIS units, Iridium Go, MoB AIS devises, Handheld VHF’s etc.

Discounts on navigation charts, courtesy flags and more.

20% rebate on Standard or Professional PredictWind 1 year Subscription.

20% Discount on cruising guides for Indonesia and Beyond.                      And More ……..

“Once in Indonesia”.

Join the MoT Sail Through Indonesia Festival Events Program Starting in Debut in the Kai Regency.